Referring to cargo shipped without a container, general cargo covers a wide verity of goods. Whether you are shipping a less than container load or a break bulk shipment SeaShip Line has the tools and experience to move your cargo to its overseas destination. We work with the most reliable companies in the business to provide a superior level of service to our customers.
The less than container is one of the means to transport your household goods and other essential commodities from one country to another. The household, personal or commercial goods are transported to receiving and loading warehouses from there they are shipped to the destination port. We are one of the leading cargo and freight movers offering customized port to port and door to port shipping services as well as less than container loads service.
If you need to ship ocean freight that is oversize, on pallets, or loose, you will probably need break bulk cargo services. At SeaShip Line, we offer a range of cargo services for your break bulk ocean freight.  With many years of experience in overseas shipping and break bulk cargo services, we understand the logistics involved in transporting break bulk goods, or ocean freight that is not uniform in size. Overseas shipping for break bulk items involves careful attention to detail. It sometimes requires special rigging to safely secure break bulk ocean cargo.

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